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Cold Shrink

Cold Shrink
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Cold Shrink

Cold Shrink Cable Insulation Products and Accessories

Cold Shrink Cable Insulation Products and Accessories

  • 3M Cold Shrink Technology

    Invented over 40 years ago by 3M, 3M™ Cold Shrink Technology is designed to make cable insulating, termination and abandonment as simple as possible. The secret of 3M Cold Shrink technology lies inside it, in the form of a plastic coil. After the 3M™ Cold Shrink Tube has been placed over the joint or cable end, this inner spiral is pulled out. The insulating tube then contracts to its pre-stretched size and shrinks onto the cable, exerting constant radial pressure for the lifetime of the joint or termination.


    • Simple, tool-free installation
    • Constant radial pressure
    • Extensive quality and factory testing programmes
    • Lower installed cost - compared to many competitive products
    • Installation without the need for a heat source


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