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    Reusable Respirators

    Comfortable, adaptable, and dependable, 3M has your face covered

    • 3M™ 6000 Series Full Face Mask Respirator
      3M™ Full Face Mask Respirator 6000 Series

      Simple to handle and comfortable to wear. The exhalation port provides increased durability and is easy to keep clean. Available in three sizes, all masks have the 3M™ Bayonet Connection System enabling connection to a broad range of twin lightweight filters to protect against gases, vapours and particulates depending on your individual needs.

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    • 3M™ 7907S Reusable Full Face Mask Respirator
      3M™ 7907S Full Face Mask Respirator

      Use 3M™ Reusable Full Face Mask Respirator 7907S to provide durability and safety for demanding tasks that require face and respiratory protection. Our respirator features include a six strap head harness, scratch and impact resistant visor and highly durable facepiece.

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    • 3M™  6500 Series Half Face Mask Respirators
      3M™ Half Face Mask Respirators 6500 Series

      Designed with tough and dirty work environments in mind. Stay productive and protected – the 6500 Series delivers durability and stability with a firm, lightly textured silicone faceseal and strong body construction. There are two versions of the 6500 Series available - the 6500QL Series featuring the Quick Latch Drop Down mechanism and the 6500 Series (Standard). Both versions are available in three sizes.

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    • 3M™ 4000 Series Maintenance Free Half Face Mask Respirators
      3M™ Maintenance Free Half Face Mask Respirators 4000 Series

      With no parts assembly or maintenance required this simple, lightweight, well balanced respirator offers reliable respiratory protection against a range of gases, vapours and particulates typically found in a variety of industries. A unique bonded carbon technology allows the respirator to sit close to the face and fit well under many other types of protective equipment, providing an undisturbed field of vision and a more comfortable worklife.

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    • 3M™ 6000 Series Half Face Mask Respirator
      3M™ Half Face Mask Respirator 6000 Series

      Economical, low-maintenance, simple to handle and lightweight. Available in three sizes, all masks have the 3M™ Bayonet Connection System allowing connection to a broad range of twin filters to protect against gases, vapours and particulates depending on your individual needs. 6000 series half masks by 3M can also be used with 3M™ Supplied Air Systems for your increased convenience and flexibility.

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    • 3M™ 7500 Series Half Face Mask Respirators
      3M™ Half Face Mask Respirators 7500 Series

      The 7500 Series Respirators by 3M have set a new standard in comfort. This facepiece was designed with the wearer in mind. Its soft sealing surface, along with the unique 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve, enhances wearer comfort and face fit. Reduced breathing resistance helps to minimise heat build-up in the mask and increases your comfort.

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    Particulate Filters

    Filters aerosols (e.g., dust, mists, fumes, smoke, biological particles, etc). Some filters also have nuisance-level gas and vapour capabilities.

    Gas/Vapour Cartridges

    Filters only gases and vapours. There are different kinds of cartridges for different kinds of gases and vapours



    Additional Resources

    • Filter Colour Marking

      White – Particulate Protection
      Brown – Organic Vapours Protection
      Grey – Inorganic Vapours Protection
      Yellow – Acid Gases Protection
      Green – Ammonia and its Derivatives
    • It is important to change your gas and vapour filters at the right time; using the filter for longer can lead to break through of hazard into the mask. Service Life is the term used to describe how long a set of filters can be used before they need to be changed.

      Designed to indicate service life based on individual exposure and respiratory use patterns

      • An efficient and effective visual tool to help determine when to change filters
      • Helps provide added peace of mind, and can help increase compliance with your company’s respirator policy and industry regulatory requirements
      • CE approved as A1 (6051i) and A2 (6055i) organic vapour filters against certain organic gases and vapours PLUS all of the features you would find in standard 3M Gas & Vapour Filters
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    Reusable Respirators from 3M

    Our range of 3M Reusable Respirators offers exceptional quality and value for money when protecting your workers against industrial gases, vapours and particulate hazards.

    3M provides a full line of reusable respirators to meet the needs of any work environment. Half or full facepiece reusable respirators help protect against both particles and/or gases and vapours.

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