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Bring spaces to life with window and glass decorations.

From solutions for glass facades and glass doors to partitions, 3M offers practical and ingenious solutions that make spaces come alive, extending from brand identity, promotion, advertising, privacy protection to solar control and anti-shatter protection.


  • Your windows can be used to display any message or image you require. Whether its a simple set of lettering or a complex printed graphic, 3M has materials to suit every application.

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  • Use your windows to display your brand. Whether its people passing by, or glass doors at the entrance to your office, 3M window graphic films give you the opportunity to enhance your corporate identity.

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  • Making your glass windows look great is not the only benefit to using 3M window films, they will also give your office and meeting rooms a good degree of privacy while still remaining light, bright and open.

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  • Flying glass from a broken window can have serious consequences. It is better to proactively put in place protective measures before a problem occurs. 3M™ Scotchshield™ Window Film keeps the broken glass shards and splinters together.

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About Window Graphics

Window and glass films can be used to decorate offices, protect privacy or to display a corporate logo. Vinyl lettering can be cut out and displayed on glass or window graphics printed to create a more complex design. 3M window graphic materials are high quality and durable.