New Colours from 3M™ Wrap Film series 1080

3M™ Premium Opaque Coloured Films

Scotchcal™ 100 and Controltac™ 180Cv2 Series

A new offering from the 3M premium opaque coloured film range

With this new premium opaque coloured film range offering, and depending on the intended use, graphic manufacturers and signmakers have the choice between the reference in electrocut films and the reference in positionable / repositionable graphic films.

  • 3M™ Scotchcal™ Opaque Graphic Film Series 100

    • 99 standard stock colours
    • For flat to curved surfaces , including rivets
    • Fine cuttings ( letters , logos..) down to 10mm vertical Helvetica
    •Transparent adhesive allows same appearance both sides, when applied on glass
    • Durability zone 1* :
         -Black & White 12 years
         -Colours 8 years
         -Metallics 3 years

    • Mostly 50m rolls for colours
    • Special colours minimum order quantity 5 rolls
    • Service temp - 40° to +110°


  • 3M™ Controltac™ Opaque Graphic Film Series 180 Cv2

    35 standard stock colours
    For flat to curved surfaces , including rivets and corrugations
    Cutting (letters, logos…) down to 80 mm vertical Helvetica
    Large graphics where air bleed is needed
    Large graphics where positionability and repositionability is needed
    Grey adhesive appearance for major part of the range , improves opacity
    Durability zone 1* :
        - Black & White 10 years
        - Colours 8 years
        - Metallics 5 years
    25 m rolls for colours ( except CT 180Cv2-1482 available in 50 m rolls)
    Special colors minimum order quantity 10 rolls
    Option for 1.52 m width with minimum order quantity
    Service temp - 60° to +107°

Benefits for Graphic Manufacturers & Signmakers

  • Scotchcal 100

    Wide range of standard stock colours (99)
        -> Good chance for the customer to find a colour close to their needs

    Best solution for fine cuttings (letters or logos down to 10 mm vertical Helvetica)
        -> Allows high quality durable fine cut graphics

    Offers same appearance on both sides
        -> Ideal for applications on windows where visibility is required on both sides

  • Controltac 180 Cv2

    Film conformability allows application on corrugated surfaces
        -> allows applications on wide range of vehicles

    Controltac adhesive system allows positioning & repositioning
        -> Ideal for large graphics application

    Comply air channels allow application without bubbles -> speeder and easier application
        -> Reduced downtime (vehicles, facilities, etc…)
        -> lower cost
        -> Better quality of applied graphic

    Pigmented adhesive ( on 2/3 of the colours) provides excellent hiding power
        -> Ideal for applications of graphics on dark coloured surfaces

    Films suitable for screenprinting thanks to the double-sided polyethylene coated paper
        -> provides a wider range of options for production of graphics