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Education that inspires. Credibility that empowers.

3M Health Care Academy offers access to thought leaders, peers, and educational content that translates knowledge into positive health outcomes.

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  • On-Demand Education for 3M Health Care
    On-Demand Education

    Learn when you want to from the comfort of your home or office. Online courses are available whenever you have internet connection.

  • Live Webinars for 3M Health Care
    Live Webinar

    Connect to live presentations with industry experts, exploring the topics you care about most. Ask questions and give feedback in real time.

  • In-Person Events for 3M Health Care
    In-Person Event

    3M Health Care Academy sponsors live classes, seminars and presentations in a variety of learning settings all over the world.

  • Educational Resources for 3M Health Care
    Educational Resources

    Search for and download white papers, clinical results, and reference documents you need to educate yourself or your team.

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