Smitty Scotch® Double Sided Tape

Scotch® Double Sided Tape

Holds ribbons, bows and finishing touches together with no visible signs of adhesives.

  • Make Smitty’s Pretty Poinsettia

    Bows, ribbons, tags, and other toppers tend to wander when you don’t use the right tape. Scotch® Double Sided Tape is sticky on two sides to create and attach toppers without being seen.

Make Smitty’s Pretty Poinsettia



• Scotch® Double Sided Tape   • Cream-coloured Card Stock  • Scotch™ Scissors  
• Blue Card Stock (or any colour, will not be visible)   • Button or Embellishment
  • The Beautiful Bow

    The Beautiful Bow

    Embellishing your gift with a pretty poinsettia won’t take long, but the results show you really care.

  • Step One

    Step One

    Using cream-coloured card stock, cut 8 large and 4 medium petals. Cut a small circle out of the blue card stock.

  • Step Two

    Step Two

    Crease petals down the middle.

  • Step Three

    Step Three

    Using Scotch® Double Sided Tape, stick 4 of the large petals to the blue circle. The creases should be pointing up. Then place the remaining 4 large petals in between the first 4 and tape them down.

  • Step Four

    Step Four

    Tape the 4 medium petals down, creases pointing up.

  • Step Five

    Step Five

    Tape the yellow button or other embellishment in the middle.

  • Step Six

    Step Six

    Use a strip of tape to adhere the poinsettia bow securely to your gift.

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