Video: 3M's sustainability value commitment

Sustainability built into what we make

3M is committed to Sustainability and improving every life

  • At 3M, we have set an ambitious, long-term strategy for Sustainability. Our intent is to use our passion and science-approach to tackle challenges where we can make the biggest impact. Challenges that are critical to the Sustainability of our planet, and the people living in it.

Our Strategy

Our strategy focuses 3M’s efforts in three priority areas where we can make the greatest impact. Learn more about how 3M is making progress towards our 2025 Goals in these priority areas here.

  • 3M sustainability: science for circular
    Science for Circular

    Design solutions that do more with less material, advancing a global circular economy.

  • 3M sustainability: science for climate
    Science for Climate

    Innovate to decarbonize industry, accelerate global climate solutions and improve our environmental footprint.

  • 3M sustainability: science for community
    Science for Community

    Create a more positive world through science, and inspire people to join us.

Increasing our Commitments

As a company rooted in scientific exploration, and the belief that every problem has a solution, we are applying our technological expertise to help solve some of the world's biggest challenges: raw materials, water, energy and climate, health and safety, and education and development.

  • 3M Sustainability - improving lives: water spillway
    3M Commits to Achieve Carbon Neutrality, Reduce Water Use, and Improve Water Quality

    For decades, 3M has had a leadership position in sustainability and environmental stewardship. From 2021, we are taking further action to bend the curve on carbon emissions and water use, and improve water quality. We will be investing $1 billion to reduce our carbon emissions to become carbon neutral by 2050, and reduce our water usage by 25% by 2030 (aiming at a reduction of 9.5 billion liters of water per year). State-of-the-art purification technology will enable us to return higher quality water after its use in our manufacturing operations.

  • 3M embed sustainability into every new product
    3M to Embed Sustainability into Every New Product

    With approximately 1000 new products each year, and about one-third of annual sales coming from products created less than five years ago, 3M can have a major impact on innovations for a sustainable future. That is why, since 2019, every new product entering our commercialization process must have a Sustainability Value Commitment that demonstrates how it drives impact for the greater good. Both the progress and impact of this commitment are measured, and reported on in our annual Sustainability reports.

  • 3M sustainability: flipping the switch to 100% renewable electricity
    300,000 volunteer hours for 3Mers to improve lives

    In 2019, the company expanded its skills-based service program, 3M Impact, and committed to providing 300,000 workhours of skills-based volunteerism by 3M employees to improve lives and help solve society’s toughest challenges by 2025. Projects take place around the globe and focus on a variety of issues, including STEM education, climate change, traffic safety, and sustainable waste management.