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The Science of Safety provides a full service solution for the supply, selection, training & validation. It is delivered in partnership with you so that the programme is bespoke to your organisation’s needs.

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  • Find out how 3M can help your organisation select the correct PPE for your workers and provide them with personal validation processes to ensure they know how to test the fitting of their PPE.

    Fit and comfort corresponds to the health and well-being within your organisation. Our programme helps ensure your method of testing PPE is up to date and reliable and we help educate your employees of the long term effects of poorly fitting PPE.

  • A workplace problem

    There is a myriad of requirements from legislation to brand protection to productivity.

  • The demands and trends in modern society

    These will get more complex over time and expectations will likely become higher.

  • 3M is uniquely placed to be your partner in this area

    A holistic view of health and safety is needed that goes beyond just supplying your workers PPE and 3M knows how to deliver that.

  • Selection

    Understand the elements that contribute to PPE compliance.

  • Training

    Why train on PPE and what should be included on a training programme.

  • Fit Validation

    Fit validation forms an essential part of overall workplace protection programme.

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The Customers Problem

What Proportion of employees incorrectly select or use PPE?

proportion of employees

Source: HSE Research Report RR720 'Real world use and performance of hearing protection.

Why should organisations pay attention?

Poor training could lead to illness / injury resulting in lost time at work.

why pay attention

Source: HSE Cost to Britain of Workplace Fatalities & Self-reported injuries and ill health 2012/13

Demands & Trends

Why should organisations pay attention?

Why choose 3M as your partner in Safety

  • why choose 3m

    Promoting long term behavioural change

    • 3M has a truly innovative culture that helpsdevelop leading PPE products designed to optimise protection and comfort

    • Our approach to validation, selection and training upholds this and takes it into a new area of excellence

    • The extensive depth and breadth of the 3M PPE range helps ensure appropriate protection across diverse workers and workplaces

    • 3M can deliver consistent quality anywhere in the world

    • 3M can give local support and advice where you do business

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