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Respiratory Protection Selector for Metal Industry

Respiratory Protection Selector

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    Use the selector below to help you to select the appropriate respiratory protection for your work process.

    This guide is only an outline. It is designed to help focus on the most appropriate products in the 3M range for various applications and hazards. It should not be used as the only means of selecting a product. It is ultimately the responsibility of the employer to select the most appropriate PPE and level of protection required based on a full risk assessment. Details regarding performance and limitations are set out on the product packaging and data sheets.

The Science of Safety

3M’s new Science of Safety approach can support you with guidance on:

3M delivers consistent quality around the world helping you select the correct PPE for your workers, helping to ensure your workers are educated on the correct use of PPE and raising awareness of how important fit and comfort are to the health and wellbeing of your worforce.