No room for compromise when the heat is on

No room for compromise when the heat is on

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High Heat Helmet compatible with Head, Eye, Face & Hearing protection

Temperature extremes, metal sparks and splashes – that’s the job. And it’s a tough environment to work in. You just can’t afford to compromise the safety and comfort of your workforce. At 3M we recognise the demanding nature of the work you and your team undertake every day. That’s why we’ve developed a range of compatible personal protective equipment (PPE) that can help provide the necessary safety, comfort and compliance in the work environment.

Components and Applications

  • 3M™ G3501 Industrial Safety Helmet

    3M™ G3501 Industrial Safety Helmet

    Product Features

    • Rotation through 180° possible
    • Available with Ratchet or Pin-lock suspension
    • Weight, less than 390g including ratchet suspension
    • Range of 6 colours to choose from for company brand or role identification
    • Plastic or Leather sweatband options
    • 3 point chinstrap available

  • 3M™ V5 Visor 5F-11

    3M™ V5 Visor 5F-11

    The 3M™ Visor 5F-11 offers medium energy impact protection with the highest level of optical clarity and features coating technology to provide fog and scratch resistance. This product is ideally suited to grinding applications.


  • 3M™ V5 Visor 5E-11

    3M™ V5 Visor 5E-11

    The 3M™ Visor 5E-11 offers shade 5 protection in addition to medium energy impact protection. It is ideally suited for welding assistants, gas welding, oxy cutting and grinding applications


  • 3M™ V5 Gold Visor 5XG-IR5

    3M™ V5 Gold Visor 5XG-IR5

    The 3M™ Visor 5XG-IR5 has been designed with high quality gold coatings to offer protection against IR Radiation and radiant heat experienced when working near furnaces and ladles in the metalworking industry.

    Available in shade 4-5 to meet the needs many applications and industries these visors also offer protection against molten metal splashes and medium energy impact.

    They are ideally suited for furnace operators for use during tapping, sampling, pouring and casting operations.


  • 3M™ Splash and Heat Covers

    3M™ Splash and Heat Covers

    The 3M™ Front Helmet Covers FC1-AL and FC1-GR and 3M™ Neck Covers NC1-AL and NC1-GR have been designed to provide additional protection to the wearer and the safety helmet.

    Made from a high quality fabric material capable of reflecting radiant heat and/or withstanding sparks and spatter, the thermal stress on the wearer is reduced and the lifetime of the helmet is increased by reducing the radiant heat reaching the safety helmet.

    The streamlined design helps prevent interference with other equipment during use and by hook and loop technology the fabric parts can be easily replaced when needed.

  • Communication Solutions

    3M™ Communication Solutions

    The 3M™ PELTOR™ range provides a variety of adaptable communication solutions to give you the best hearing protection whilst maintaining spatial awareness. With high levels of heat protection, and options to allow direct communication with colleagues in noisy enviroments, PELTOR™ has the right tools to help you complete your full head, eye and face protection system.