PPE Training from 3M

PPE Training from 3M


3M believes that PPE training is a critical element in the correct use of PPE, the promotion of hazard awareness and in motivating users to wear their PPE.

  • Respirator Training Resources
    Respirator Training Resources

    Visit our 3M Center for Respiratory Protection for step-by-step tools to help ensure your safety programs achieve their respiratory safety goals.

    Visit our Safety Centers of Expertise!

  • Fall Protection Training and Educational Resources
    Fall Protection Training and Educational Resources

    Investing in the right fall protection equipment is important, 3M Fall Protection training will help to create the confidence and competence to use it safely.

    Capital Safety Website

  • Hearing Protection & Conservation Training and Educational Resource
    Hearing Protection & Conservation Training and Educational Resource

    In three simple steps, fit test your hearing products and get objective, personalized results to help you protect your workers against noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).

    3M™ E-A-Rfit™ Dual-Ear Validation

  • Welding Safety Education Portal
    Welding Safety Education Portal

    Videos, presentations, and other welding safety education resources intended to help keep safety top of mind in your classroom and workplace.

    Visit Centre for Welding Protection

Why Carry Out Training


We can think about this with regards to the three fundamental pillars of safety reasoning and justification:

Moral – Protecting the worker

We know that if PPE is not worn, worn properly nor maintained as it should be, the wearer will not get the required protection and will therefore be a great risk of harm to the health and safety.

Legal – Protecting the organisation

Local regulations will have different requirements around the need for information, instruction and training, but when it comes to PPE the requirements are often born from the European PPE Directive (European Directive 89/656/EEC). This will be enacted into law in different ways in the various member states, but the core of the requirement states that: The employer shall arrange for training and shall, if appropriate, organize demonstrations in the wearing of personal protective equipment.

Of course, there is also the civil aspect of the legal rationale too. Being able to demonstrate that you have trained the worker in the use of their equipment may be useful in defending claims that are made against the company or organisation.

Financial – Getting the most from your investment

This can be considered in terms of the legal aspect and the effects on insurance premiums and penalties, or it can be considered in terms of the investment you are making in the equipment you are providing. This is especially true of the higher cost, non-disposable items such as powered air respirators and fall protection equipment. Training workers in the correct use, storage and maintenance of this equipment helps to get the most of your investment and also helps to prolong the life of it, preventing unnecessary early replacements.

What should be included on a training programme?

  • The Need
    • The need for protection and when to wear the PPE
    • What the PPE needed is, i.e. not just ’wear an earplug’, but what type of earplug
    • Limitation of Use
  • How to use
    • How to use PPE
    • How to put PPE on and remove it
    • How to ensure PPE is correctly fitted
  • Care and Maintenance
    • How to store PPE (between use and between shifts)
    • How to maintain PPE
    • How to dispose of contaminated PPE

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