3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Structural Adhesives

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Engineered for Strength, Design Innovation and Multi-Material Assembly. Our Structural Adhesives provide the strength you need while enabling lightweight, high-performance designs and new production realities.


The Strong Complement to Welding, Rivets and Mechanical Fasteners

  • The better way to stronger production possibilities.

    When you need advanced strength and durability along with the improved aesthetics of smooth, invisible bond lines, look to 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Structural Adhesives. From kitchen appliances and sporting goods to automobiles and aerospace, our wide variety of structural adhesives includes options to meet your design and manufacturing needs. Whatever your design, engineering or production requirements, look to 3M for solutions.

    Our broad product portfolio encompasses different chemistries, curing methods, open times and final bond capabilities, including low-odor and non-flammable versions of certain chemistries to meet specific regulatory and safety stipulations. We also have a world-class team of experts who can work with you to address specific design or process requirements such as lightweighting or productivity and answer the question: How can you make your product better?

Core Benefits of Structural Adhesives

Each adhesive is unique, but adhesive families tend to share certain characteristics for which they perform well. These are the key characteristics described in the chemistry families below.

  • Strength

  • Material Bonding

  • Process Efficiency

  • Impact Resistance

  • Lightweighting

  • Innovation in Design

  • Aesthetics

  • Water Intrusion

  • NVH

Structural Adhesive Chemistries

  • These two-part adhesives offer great strength and design flexibility.

  • These adhesives provide excellent durability and resistance to environmental extremes.

    One-Part Epoxy

    Two-Part Epoxy

  • These one-part products combine the speed of hot melt adhesives with the structural benefits of moisture-curing chemistries.

  • These formulations are ideal for creating strong, flexible bonds between dissimilar materials.

  • These adhesives provide tight fits and seals in threadlocking, pipe sealing and related applications.

  • These products reach handling strength in 5-10 seconds and achieve extremely high tensile strengths.

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Need help finding the right product for your project? Contact us if you need product, technical or application advice or want to collaborate with a 3M technical specialist, or give us a call at +27 011 806 2000.

Need help finding the right product for your project? Contact us if you need product, technical or application advice or want to collaborate with a 3M technical specialist, or give us a call at +27 011 806 2000.

Structural Adhesives Key Markets

  • Image of kitchen appliances
    • Simplify operations by bonding after powdercoating
    • Eliminate the challenge of bonding rigid to flexible substrates
    • Noise damping
    • Reduce complexity-bond and seal glass to metal in one step

    Key Chemistries:
    Epoxy, AcrylicPUR

  • Image of plane in-flight
    • Available in UL94 or FST compliant options
    • Strong, yet flexible bond lines

    Key Chemistries:

  • Person looking at phone
    • Low halogen formulations available to meet customer needs
    • Fast cure to speed production
    • Durable adhesive bonds protect sensitive electrical connections from the environment.

    Key Chemistries:
    Epoxy, AcrylicPUR

  • Image of HVAC attached to a wall
    • Floor panel and drain pan to frame
    • Side wall panel attachment to frame
    • Stiffener to panel

    Key Chemistries:

  • Image of metal bonding
    • High strength and durability
    • Reduced surfac preparation before bonding, and no grinding after bonding
    • Save weight and improve appearance with adhesives instead of welds or rivets

    Key Chemistries:
    Acrylic, EpoxyAnaerobic

  • Image of front-end of vans
    Plastic, Composite & Rubber
    • Bonding of low surface energy plastics without priming
    • Impact resistant composite bonding

    Key Chemistries:
    Acrylic, UrethaneInstant

  • 3M Global Headquarters sign
    • One adhesive to bond all of your substrates
    • Strong formulations and thin bond lines
    • Weather resistance
    • UL recognition

    Key Chemistries:

  • Semi-truck driving down road
    Specialty Vehicle
    • Weight reduction
    • High strength
    • Vibration & fatigue resistance

    Key Chemistries:

  • Golf club striking golf ball
    Sporting Goods
    • Excellent impact resistance of high stressed bonds
    • High strength for small joints
    • High strength bonding of rubber, composites and metals to each other

    Key Chemistries:

  • White car parked outside
    • Metal skin to metal frame
    • Composite cab assembly
    • Frame assembly
    • Floor panel bonding
    • Exterior panel bonding
    • Roof bonding

    Key Chemistries: