Keeping agricultural workers safe

Keeping agricultural workers safe

Safety and personal protective equipment (PPE) for the Agricultural Industry

Agriculture can be a dangerous business. The levels of noise, dust, gas and harmful liquids workers come into contact with on a daily basis give it one of the worst accident and occupational ill-health records of any major employment sector (UK HSE, 2013).

Fortunately for over 40 years 3M’s world-class scientists have been developing a wide range of respiratory, hearing, head, eye, face and body protection equipment that not only protects, but is comfortable and easy to wear.

  • Respiratory Protection

    Respiratory illness, including asthma, farmer’s lung and the harmful effects caused by exposure to chemicals used in crop spraying, can easily be prevented if the correct respiratory protection is warn.

    3M has developed a wide range of high quality, comfortable respirators that offer effective protection against gases, vapours and particles, from disposable to reusable or powered and supplied air solutions.

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  • Hearing Protection

    Hearing damage caused by exposure to loud noise can be difficult to understand and effects are dependent on a number of factors which include:

    • Actual noise level - the higher the sound level the greater the risk of hearing damage
    • Duration of exposure i.e. how long a person is exposed to hazardous noise level
    • Medical conditions - eg. history of repeated ear canal infection

    Often it takes a prolonged period of exposure to loud noise before developing signs of permanent hearing damage, but sometimes this can occur when exposed to powerful impulse noise e.g. a very loud explosion. Given the above, it is important to monitor and protect those exposed to hazardous noise levels, which include agricultural workers.

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  • Head, Face and Eye Protection

    3M has developed a range of head, face and eye protection to protect you within whichever type of agricultural environment you work in. Our lightweight helmets are ideal if there’s a risk of falling objects during heavy lifting; our face shields are designed to protect against flying wood chippings, among other hazards; and we offer a wide range of eyewear to prevent irritation from dust and splashes.

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  • Body Protection

    Because agricultural work can put you and your workers into direct contact with a number of potentially dangerous particulates and liquids it is important to have the right protection to help minimise exposure. 3M has a range of high quality coveralls offering you and your colleagues the protection you need.

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