Fast and easy to install: cold-shrink technology

Fast and easy to install: cold-shrink technology
Fast and easy to install: cold-shrink technology

Cold shrink tubing and moulded parts for electrical installation

Invented over 40 years ago by 3M, 3M™ Cold Shrink Technology is designed to make cable insulating, termination and abandonment as simple as possible. The secret of 3M Cold Shrink technology lies inside it, in the form of a plastic coil. After the 3M™ Cold Shrink Tube has been placed over the joint or cable end, this inner spiral is pulled out. The insulating tube then contracts to its pre-stretched size and shrinks onto the cable, exerting constant radial pressure for the lifetime of the joint or termination.


  • 3M cold shrink tubing are installed easily and reliably without the use of tools (e.g. gas torches or naked flames). The tubes are made from extruded EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Terpolymer) or silicone that are stretched onto a spiral core.

    The benefits of cold shrink tubes clear a long -term environmental seal that has high performance even in extreme conditions.  The tool-less installation reduces downtime, installation time and training requirements.

  • EPDM rubber tubes shrink to fit without heating.

  • Tubes shrink to fit without heat. Silicone rubber has very good weather and chemical resistance.

  • EPDM elastomer caps to protect cables, against dirt, moisture and mechanical deterioration. Tool-less installation for easy of use and speed.

  • Applications


    • Electrical insulation up to 1000 volts
    • Insulation of low voltage joints
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    • Mechanical protection of installation
    • Cable jacket repair
    • Protecting and sealing non-electric applications


  • Applications


    • Easy and safe installation
    • High reliability
    • High shrink ratio
    • Compressive environmental seal
    • Tool-less installation
    • Reduced contractor training requirement
    • Reduced installation time
    • High performing in extreme conditions