3M™ Heat Shrink Products

3M™ Heat Shrink Products

Low Voltage

Heat shrink, tubing and moulded parts

3M™ Heat Shrink Products provide long–term reliable performance and excellent mechanical and environment protection. Easy to install they come ready to use and with the application of moderate heat mould to a skin tight fit – even over irregular shapes. 3M heat shrink features precise shrink ratio and recovery and superior split and crack resistance.

Heat shrink tubing

3M has a comprehensive portfolio of heat shrink tubing. With variable thickness, shrink ratios and adhesive lining, depending on the specific requirements. In addition different lengths, colours and pack sizes, mean we have the matching solution for almost any conceivable application.

  • Heavy-duty heat shrink tubing's -- including bus bar tubing -- have thick, durable walls. Some of these come with adhesive lining. The result is tough, lasting resistance against abrasion, flames, chemicals and moisture.

  • Medium-duty polyolefin heat shrink tubing. These products are adhesive lined for addition protection against water and moisture

  • Thin-wall tubing is thin, flexible, split-resistant and durable. Use it for insulation, mechanical protection, wire marking, harnessing, strain relief and more. Available in many colours, lengths and grades