Scotch® rubber tape for sealing & padding

Scotch® rubber tape is the first choice for sealing and padding tasks in cable management. Scotch® rubber tapes have excellent shaping properties and have a perfect fit even on sharp-edged surfaces. Thanks to its backing materials and tape thickness they are highly abrasion-resistant and provide high-level protection to wires and cables in adverse environmental conditions

  • Protect against the environment

    Tape sealing is often required in the protection against


    • moisture
    • UV
    • dust and dirt
    • acids and alkalis
    • solvents

  • Protection against mechanical stress

    Thanks to the backing material and thickness, Scotch sealing tapes are highly abrasion-resistant. They are frequently used for cable jacket repair.

    Applications include:


    • Cable jacket replacement for any type of indoor or outdoor cable.
    • Seals against moisture
    • Vibration damping
    • Electrical insulation










  • Conformable self-fusing rubber insulating and sealing tape with an EPR backing coated with mastic adhesive.

  • highly conformable, linerless, ethylene rubber (EPR) insulating tape, designed for splicing and terminating wires cables

  • Rubber-based mastic laminated to an all weather PVC, providing double heavy duty protection in one wrap.

  • Highly conformable, self amalgamating EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber) based jointing tape used as insulation for low and high voltage applications