3M™ Scotchcast™ Resin 4 GS and 92 GS series resin kits.

3M™ Scotchcast™ Resin 4 GS and 92 GS series resin kits.

Safe, Fast and Easy Installation.


New 3M™ Scotchcast™ Resin 4 GS with Colour Indicator

Professional cable jointing solution.

  • What is New 3M™ Scotchcast™ Resin 4 GS?

    • A unique electrical jointing resin from 3M.
    • Newly designed formulation provides colour change indicator for mixing.
    • Free of CMR substances, Isocyanate, Halogens and SVHC.
    • Enhanced water and humidity resistance during curing.
    • Mess free, rapid installation.
    • Supplied as bags or as part of the Scotchcast 92 GS series resin kits.

Simple, colour indicating mixing

Through a colour change indicator, the resin will turn green when properly mixed.

*Gel time at 23°C for 92-NBA 3 GS

  • uhr 3M
  • sc-practical

3M™ Scotchcast™ 92 GS series resin kits with Resin 4 GS.

Easy to install, mess-free applications with 3M professional cable jointing solutions.

  • sc4gs-phase0

    Transparent two-component bag with an integrated spout ensures no contact with resin during pouring.

  • sc4gs-phase1

    2-part bag separated manually and resin and hardener mixed.

  • sc4gs-phase3

    2 minutes: Resin turns green indicating perfect mix.

  • sc4gs-phase4

    Visible colour change. Mixture is ready to pour.

  • sc4gs-phase5

    Place the spout on the mould body, quarter turn to release the resin and fill the kit.

  • sc4gs-phase6

    Resin colour changes into darker green as the curing proceeds.

  • scotchcast-kit

    In-Line and Branch Jointing kits

    • 92 GS series kits come equipped with CMP (closed mix pouring) system for mess free application.
    • Innovative one-part mould design for easy installation.
    • Flexible sizes and configurations.
    • Y-branch splice and T-branch splice variation.
    • With or without 3M connector.

Innovative 92 GS Series Kits - Mould Body and Connection


Choose your preferred 3M solution.

  • New colour mixing indicator, CMR substances free resin available in a choice of bag sizes that suit your application

  • Innovative mould body design, mess free resin delivery in a choice of sizes that suit your needs.

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